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Typical use of nylon 6 membrane pleated filter cartridge

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Electronic grade nylon 6 membrane pleated filter cartridge

Particulate removal and filtration of electronic grade chemicals. Electronic grade organic solvents, inks, photoresist and other liquid terminal filtration to remove particles. Ultra-pure water preparation, display and polysilicon production water terminal filtration, photosensitive glue, data storage, silicon wafer and semiconductor CD,CD-RW,DVD disc manufacturers, computer hard disk manufacturers FPD manufacturers-LCD liquid crystal display printed circuit board manufacturers-water or chemical cleaning and electroplating applications, other electronic products manufacturing-capacitance and resistance manufacturing; CRT manufacturers-including phosphorescence paste, black carbon paste and PVA solution.

Pharmaceutical grade nylon 6 membrane pleated filter cartridge

Sterilization and heat source (endotoxin) of pharmaceutical water, biological products and medicinal solvents. Solvent and solvent filtration in the production process of API.

Food grade nylon 6 membrane pleated filter cartridge

Beverage industry liquor, wine, fruit wine, beverage sterilization filtration and clarification filtration, drinking water, fruit juice, seasoning, syrup, dairy products, edible oil, monosodium glutamate and other food additives clarification, CIP water filtration.

Water treatment grade nylon 6 membrane pleated filter cartridge

Purification of chemical reagents and chemicals; sterilization and filtration of water point in ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems. 

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