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Three kinds of activated carbon filter cartridge

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Compressed activated carbon cartridge filter use carbon coal or coconut shell activated carbon powder as raw materials with binder temperature compression, extrusion molding. The manufacturing process of compressed activated carbon rod is simple and the equipment investment is small. Compared with the traditional granular activated carbon filter cartridge, the compressed activated carbon filter cartridge can avoid the leakage of carbon powder and ensure the hygiene of the downstream fluid. The physical interception and filtration accuracy is generally 5un-30um. It has excellent adsorption capacity of organic matter, odor, residual chlorine and pigment, as well as good temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical compatibility. It is widely used in organic solvent decolorization filtration, water treatment purification, deodorization, decolorization, and other filtration processes. 

Fiber molding activated carbon rod is made of carbon powder, polymer fiber, surfactant and composite filter media as raw materials by pulping, stirring, vacuum molding, high temperature baking, compression and other special processes. The fiber-molded activated carbon has the advantages of low manufacturing cost and high output. The activated carbon filter cartridge with different filtration performance can be made by adjusting the composition. The physical interception accuracy is generally 1un-50um. 

Sintered activated carbon cartridge is formed by special processes by stirring, mold filling, pre-pressing, high-temperature baking and post-processing, using carbon powder and a variety of composite filter element as raw materials. The manufacturing process of composite sintered activated carbon is flexible, and it can produce activated carbon filter cartridge with various shapes and different filtration properties. Through the control of the composition formula, the composite sintered activated carbon filter cartridge can retain the largest extent, optimize the pore structure and surface area of activated carbon, uniform physical combination can effectively increase the filtration time, remove harmful organic compounds such as odor, discolor, heavy metals and trihalomethanes, and effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. The physical interception and filtration precision of composite sintered activated carbon is generally 0.5um-50um. Therefore, in addition to the chemical adsorption capacity, the sintered activated carbon filter cartridge also has a good physical interception and filtration capacity. 

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