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Filtration of beer

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The residual yeast and contaminated bacteria in beer can be removed by membrane separation technology at room temperature. therefore, it can be used instead of high temperature instantaneous sterilization or pasteurization to maintain the original flavor of draft beer in the downstream treatment of beer production.From an economic point of view, the operating cost of microfiltration is close to or even lower than high temperature instantaneous sterilization and pasteurization. Its purpose is: (1) to remove turbid suspended matter, mainly hop resin, tannin and protein, (2) to remove microorganisms such as yeast and lactic acid bacteria (3) to improve taste and transparency.

At present, the filtration process of beer  is mostly after diatomite filtration or plate-frame filtration, first using a filter element with a rating of 1 μ m (which can be a ultra-fine polypropylene fiber filter layer). and then go through the rating of 0.22 μ m or 0.45 μ m membrane composite filter cartridge(generally using acid-and alkali-resistant polyvinylidene fluoride microfiltration membrane, PES membrane or strong alkali-resistant nylon membrane, can also be cellulose membrane, etc.). Due to the filter element composed of two membranes with different rating, the outer membrane can filter out colloids and yeasts with larger particles, thus reducing the burden of the 2nd part membrane which improving the quality and quantity of beer filtration.

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