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Category & Function of Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

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Activated carbon is a kind of excellent adsorption/filtering media make of charcoal, bamboo charcoal, fruit shell and high quality coal for filter cartridges. With the advantages of large surface area, recyclable, strong adsorption ability enable it is widely used in water and air purification.


UDF is mainly made of coconut shell, fruit shell and coal through special process, it is black amorphous granule withpore structure and good adsorption performance which make it an ideal product in the water and air purification.

It is a kind of filter cartridges which integrates absorption, filtration, interception and catalysis, it can effectively remove the pesticides, pesticide residues,organic solvents and other industrial chemical pollution, as well as removal of organic matter,residual chlorine,odor, colorand other radio active substances in water. The service life is about 3-6 months. 

CTO Sintered Carbon Block Filters


CTO is compressed and molded with the mixture of granular activated carbon powder and inorganic liquid binder by a special mold. There are two types of CTO, sintered CTO and standard CTO.

It can absorb the different color, odor, residual chlorine and filter out the other impurities which also can plays a role as the protection of the RO membrane. It is service life could usually lasts 3-6 months. 

CTO Sintered Carbon Block Filters


T33 is a new type of deep filtration filter, which is composed of high quality coconut shell activated carbon with low thermal melting adhesive. Some high-quality T33 are treated with silver atoms finish which can sterilize bacteria.

It can further absorb the odor, color, increase the oxygen and improve the taste in the water purification. Especially for the pure water machine with pressure water storage tank, T33 can effectively absorb the smell ofthe water storage tank. The recommended service life is about 18 months. 

CTO Sintered Carbon Block Filters

Generally, activated carbon filter cartridges can be divided into sinteredCTO, UDF and T33 through different manufacture process. T33 is make of high quality coconutshell, which is similar to UDF,but the manufacture technology is more complicated. Their position in the water filtration system decides itsdifference function.

The key technology in the machine is keep changing while the activated carbon filter remain, no matter it is the ultra-filtration, the reverse osmosis water filtration or the nano-filtration. You can see how important role the activated carbon filter cartridges play in water filtration.

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