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Maintenance of high flow pleated cartridge filter

date:2020-6-10 17:2:38   Number of times:

1. Check the o-ring, then seal the cleaned filter element and place it flat in the sealing ring.

2. Soak the o-ring with the process liquid.

3. Remove the packing, cover the head, and tighten the lifting ring compression bolt.

4. Fully open the vent valve at the top of the housing.

5. Open the inlet valve a little so that the liquid enters the housing until the liquid flows out of the vent valve, then closes the vent valve.

6. Slowly fully open the outlet valve, and then slowly open the inlet valve.

7. Rinse the filter element with the flow for 5-10 minutes.

8. The filter element can not withstand the impact of large flow, nor can it be subjected to heavy pressure in the opposite direction.

9. If the pressure difference is greater than 0.15Mpa or the flow rate decreases greatly, it indicates that the cartridge filter is blocked. The filter element can be removed and washed the shell inside with clean water less than 0.2Mpa pressure.

10. If it is found that the high flow pleated filter cartridge is not running, do not dry it, but store it in the filter shell, then inject clean water or antibacterial water into the shell, and rinse clean when re-use.

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