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How to judge the performance of PES membrane pleated cartridge filter

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It is well known that the PES membrane pleated cartridge filter is made of double-layer imported asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane. The asymmetric membrane pore structure makes the membrane have the characteristics of high sewage capacity, high flux, and longservice life, so it is suitable for sterilization and filtration of various pharmaceutical solutions. Before leaving the factory, each PES membrane pleated cartridge filter is washed with ultra-pure water and passed the integrity test.Of course, when you use the PES membrane pleated cartridge filter, many people will pay more attention to the performance of the equipment. The performance ofthe PES membrane pleated cartridge filter determines the working efficiency ofthe equipment.


 Under the action of its nominal pressure, the gas leakage rate of PES membrane pleated cartridge filter should be less than 1× 10-4pa ·m3 / S. Instead of the traditional filter element, the compact test piece is used to detect whether the O-ring between the filter element and the shell may leak will leak. The leakage pressure is usually 5-8 times the certain pressure of the filter element,. When the fluid passes through the filter without a filter element at a certain flow rate, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet should be 0. if it is greater than 0, the pressure difference of the shell under the corresponding flow rate should be subtracted when testing the pressure difference of the filter element. To judge the performance of the PES membrane pleated cartridge filter, mainly consider the bubble point, pressure differential flow characteristics, accuracy, pollution capacity, and strength. The pressure value of the bubble point should not beless than 90%. When the oil temperature is about 30 , a certain pressure difference is 0.15Mpa. When the fluid is in the standard state air, the certain pressure difference should be 200Pa which is an important standard of PES membrane pleated cartridgefilter and determines whether it can achieve its purpose or not. when ensuringthe integrity of the structure of the filter element, the accuracy depends onthe accuracy of the filter material. The pollutant carrying capacity refers tothe number of pollutants contained in the filter element, and the filter element can intercept the pollutants, they can not be removed directly from the system but only be left inside the filter element. The pollutant capacity ofthe filter element is equal to the product of the pollution capacity unit area times the filter area. It is related to the pressure difference of the actual use and operation of the filter element. The strength is guaranteed by theskeleton of the PES membrane pleated cartridge filter, which makes the filter element with sufficient strength will not be deformed, not damaged, and there is no phenomenon of filter material falling off. Fluid pressure strength refersto the large pressure drop of the fluid that can be withstood at work, which isusually not greater than the internal leakage test pressure. Axial load strengthmakes the force caused by normal assembly and disassembly will not deform thefilter element. The fatigue strength refers to the fatigue resistance of thefilter element subjected to impact, vibration, flow pulse, and so on whenworking.


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