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Application of membrane Technology in impurity removal and sedimentation removal in Fruit Wine production

date:2020-6-17 16:47:40   Number of times:
The general filter cartridge accuracy is not enough to completely remove the impurities in the original fruit wine, such as macromolecular protein, plant colloid, starch, fiber, microorganism, bacteria and so on. These impurities will be re-flocculated under the influence of time, temperature and electric charge, resulting in the wine turbid precipitation and some new impurity. So, how to remove impurity and precipitation from fruit wine? Let's introduce the membrane separation technology to you. 

The technological process of fruit wine brewing.

Fresh fruit-->sorting-->crushing-->removing stem-->pulp-->separating juice-->clarifying-->clear juice-->fermentation-->pouring bucket-->wine storage--> filtering-->cold treatment-->blending-->filtering-->finished product.

Advantages of fruit wine membrane filtration technology:

1. Advanced nanotechnology materials, membrane pore size 1000DaMel 50nm, complete separation of macromolecular impurities invisible to the eye, high clarity of filtrate clarification, no anti-muddy for a long time, no "secondary precipitation";

2. The feed liquid runs in a cross-flow mode, and the pollution blockage can be solved without adding filter aids.

3. Pure physical operation at room temperature without chemical reaction, which does not destroy the heat-sensitive components and affect the flavor of the wine.

4. Advanced modular design, easy to change filter material and easy to operate.

5. Design the on-line regeneration cleaning and sewage discharge device to reduce the labor intensity and production cost and improve the production efficiency. 

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